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It's-a me, Mario! Play in the fantastic world of Mario in the online Mario games. Play the classic platform games or race around on a bike. You can even race a jetski with Mario. Hours and hours of fun!

Collection Games, Contain following Games:

-Dr. Mario.
-Mario and Yoshi.
-Mario Bros.
-Mario Bros 2.
-Mario Bros 3.
-Mario Bros (Unknown) - Beta of never released Mario Game.
-Mario Bros. Classic.
-Mario is Missing.
-Mario’s Time Machine.
-NES Open Tournament Golf.
-Wario’s Woods.
-Yoshi’s Cookie.

FamiCom Disk System (FDS) - 5 games.

-All Night Nippon Super Mario Bros.
-I am a Teacher - Super Mario Seta.
-Kaettekita Mario Bros.
-Mario Bros.
-Mario Bros. 2 - (the Lost Levels).

Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) - 15 games.

-Mario All-Stars
-Mario and Wario
-Mario is Missing!
-Mario Kart
-Mario Paint
-Mario R.P.G. - Legend of the Seven Stars
-Mario World
-Mario World 2 - Yoshi’s Island
-Mario’s Early Years - Fun with Letters
-Mario’s Early Years - Fun with Numbers
-Mario’s Early Years - Preschool Fun
-Mario’s Time Machine
-Tetris & Dr. Mario
-Yoshi’s Cookie
-Yoshi’s Safari

***GameBoy Advanced (GBA) - 16 games.

-Dr. Mario & Puzzle League
-Mario Advanced
-Mario Advanced 2
-Mario Advanced 3
-Mario Advanced 4
-Mario and Luigi - Superstar Saga
-Mario Ball
-Mario Golf - Advance Tour
-Mario Kart - Super Circuit
-Mario Party Advance
-Mario Pinball Land
-Mario vs. Donkey Kong
-Wario Ware Inc.
-Wario Ware Twisted
-Wario-Land 4
-Yoshi’s Universal Gravitation


Mario, world's most famous plumber has many of his own Flash games. We offer you a very complete selection of free online Super Mario games!